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Financial planning, Personal May 19, 2014

The advantages of a spending plan.

Most of us do not make use of a disciplined spending plan. The availability of credit allows us to purchase what we want, when we want it – regardless of whether we can afford it or not. Read more to learn about the benefits of using a spending plan.  Here are some advantages of using a spending plan: 1. Financial stress reduction. A disciplined spending plan allows you to control your spending and debt. This relieves a great deal of financially-related stress 2. Saving. A spending plan makes saving simple, encouraging you to save on a regular basis. This not only provides you with a financial cushion to cover any emergency situations that may arise, but also sets you up for a com...

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Financial planning, Savings and Investments April 9, 2014

5 Major ways to save money.

There are two main roads to improving your personal finances: increasing income, and cutting costs.   There are two main roads to improving your personal finances: increasing income, and cutting costs. Increasing income is the harder road to travel. After all, you can't always get a raise or a new job when you need one. But cutting costs, that's a different story! You're in complete control in this area. And all it takes is some imagination and discipline – both of which are free.   Below are five major ways to save money in the basic areas of food, shelter, clothing and transportation. They're major expenses in your life – and places for major savings.   ...

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Must Reads, Travel October 24, 2014

Be adventurous on the Garden Route

The striking beauty of the Garden Route on the Western Cape coastline has spawned a number of different ways to explore it… many of them on the rather adventurous side! Kloofing Kloofing is rock-hopping, cliff-jumping abseiling and swimming your way down the canyons and waterfalls. Eden Adventures operates in the Garden Route on some of the most spectacular kloofing rivers in the country. They offer various trips and supply all gear. A popular option is the half-day Cappuccino Canyon trip in Kaaiman’s Kloof – it’s a great kloof for beginners, but also has big jumps for those ...

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Money, Must Reads October 22, 2014

Five smart ways to spend your bonus

Don’t let your end-of-year bonus burn a hole in your pocket. A soon as it is paid to you, have a financial plan in place for it. The ‘silly’ season will be over in the blink of an eye, and the months of January and February can be unforgiving if you were overly jolly with your spending. Here are five savvy ways to spend your bonus. 1. If you have any bad debts, settle these immediately. A good credit record is the cornerstone of financial health and wellbeing. Tip: It is important to receive written confirmation that an account has been closed, in case any disputes arise later....

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