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Financial planning, Personal May 19, 2014

The advantages of a spending plan.

Most of us do not make use of a disciplined spending plan. The availability of credit allows us to purchase what we want, when we want it – regardless of whether we can afford it or not. Read more to learn about the benefits of using a spending plan.  Here are some advantages of using a spending plan: 1. Financial stress reduction. A disciplined spending plan allows you to control your spending and debt. This relieves a great deal of financially-related stress 2. Saving. A spending plan makes saving simple, encouraging you to save on a regular basis. This not only provides you with a financial cushion to cover any emergency situations that may arise, but also sets you up for a com...

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Financial planning, Savings and Investments April 9, 2014

5 Major ways to save money.

There are two main roads to improving your personal finances: increasing income, and cutting costs.   There are two main roads to improving your personal finances: increasing income, and cutting costs. Increasing income is the harder road to travel. After all, you can't always get a raise or a new job when you need one. But cutting costs, that's a different story! You're in complete control in this area. And all it takes is some imagination and discipline – both of which are free.   Below are five major ways to save money in the basic areas of food, shelter, clothing and transportation. They're major expenses in your life – and places for major savings.   ...

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Must Reads, Taste August 29, 2014

Where to eat seafood in Cape Town

If you’re in the mood for simple fish ’n chips, or a fancier seafood splurge with ocean views, these six Cape Town spots should do the trick. Joe Fish, Pinelands It may be an unassuming suburban spot, but locals in the know head to Joe Fish for simple grilled or fried hake, or to share the traditional fish pie topped with mash. The owners support SASSI green-listed fish, so blackboard specials also include yellowtail and snoek, tuna or angelfish.   Kyoto Garden Sushi, CBD Kyoto Garden Sushi has a bit of a cult following for sushi served in a Zen beechwood interior. The ...

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Education, Must Reads August 27, 2014

Tertiary education: what subjects do you need?

Make sure your kids choose the right subjects in high school, so that they can pursue the career of their dreams… For high school learners who plan to study further, it’s important to choose subjects that will give them the best chance of getting into the course or degree they plan on doing during tertiary education. It’s also vital that students keep in mind that their grades play a huge role in acceptance into these programmes. Below is a guide on what subjects will help you to get into the various programmes at university – these are the compulsory subjects, but your grades f...

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