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Five smart ways to spend your bonus

Don’t let your end-of-year bonus burn a hole in your pocket. A soon as it is paid to you, have a financial plan in place for it.

Investment 101

Compound interest, assets, unit trusts… If these terms confuse you, read our handy guide to understanding financial terms. Plus, use our tips to make your money grow.

What to do with a windfall

Karin Muller of Sanlam Personal Finance suggests 7 things to do with a windfall.   1. Ditch the debt Paying the minimum on your credit card is just what the credit company wants, but it is certainly not in your best interest. Paying off credit card debt should be a top priority, even ahead ofContinue Reading

Our darling Irma

Irma Stern is a household name in South Africa, even among those who do not keep track of this country’s art history. A beautiful painting of an oriental woman entitled Bahora Girl dated 1945, sold last year at Bonhams Auction House in London for the equivalent of R26 million – by far the most moneyContinue Reading

The dreaded lurgies – tackling dread disease cover

Words such as cancer, heart attack and stroke still strike fear into our hearts, partly because we’ve no idea what would happen if we did get these or any other critical diseases. The good news is we’ve a good chance of surviving them, the worrying part is – can you afford to live? Robyn DalyContinue Reading

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