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How to care for your trees

Here are a few useful tips for dealing with tree care…

Grow your own citrus tree

Having a lemon or lime tree in your garden means always having those fruits on hand for cooking, but there are plenty of other citrus fruits that can be grown just as easily. And now’s the time to start thinking about what you plan to grow

Betting on hedges

What are the dos and don’ts of hedge maintenance

Night-time in the garden

In paging through a book with pictures of some of the great gardens of the world, I find each different from the one before. Some seem magical and otherworldly. Some are formal and statuesque. The plant palette, placement of various design elements, backdrop and mood all change throughout the book. But there’s one aspect thatContinue Reading

Your garden in November

November is a great time to garden here in South Africa. The garden has finally shrugged off the long, slow sleep of winter but (at least in most parts of SA) we’re not yet experiencing the sweltering heat of summer. If you’ve been meaning to get out onto the estate but haven’t this month, hereContinue Reading

Grow your own cut flowers

  Having fresh flowers in your home instantly lifts the mood, and they make a wonderful gift. Shop-bought flowers can be disappointing and expensive. It’s much better to dedicate a part of your garden to growing your flowers in a cutting garden. What is a cutting garden? Quite some time ago, around the time whenContinue Reading

Flowers in the recipe book

  Two of the tragic misconceptions in gardening is that edible plants are not visually appealing, or ornamental enough and that vegetables should be planted in perfectly spaced patterns or rows. Perhaps it’s an anachronism that dates back to the time when it was people who grew their own food were seen as low-class. IfContinue Reading

Reach for the sky and grow climbing plants

Plants have so many fascinating growth habits, that sometimes a gardener has to stand back from taxonomy and the tyranny of scientific names, to admire a particular group of plants. One such group are the scandent (or climbing) plants. We’re in good company when dealing with these plants. Charles Darwin found them so fascinating thatContinue Reading

Build your own worm farm

Any gardening endeavour, from the smallest pot on a window sill to large swathes of land on an estate have one thing in common: they all depend on good soil. Aside from mineral particles derived from rock, most soil comes from the breakdown of something that was once alive (organic matter). This is where earthwormsContinue Reading

Growing winter vegetables

Regardless of whether you live in Durban or De Aar, there’s surely a coldness to the air. Not quite winter’s bite, but enough to slow things down in the garden. Don’t throw in the trowel just yet, though, there’s plenty to do in the garden. One of these tasks is to get your winter vegetableContinue Reading

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