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Homemade basil pesto

Use your own homegrown herbs to make fresh pesto…

How to use leftover herbs

Avoid trashing the fragrant leaves – try these ways to preserve them for future use…

Gremolata-roasted fish

Have you discovered gremolata? Your cooking will never be the same if you do

Great tips for growing basil

Some of the earliest descriptions of recreational gardens included references to food plants or herbs. Herbs are particularly rewarding because they’re generally hardy, compact and can be harvested as needed (as opposed to something like a mielie plant that grows into a giant and gives one harvest).   I really like basil, and have comeContinue Reading

Welcome to my kitchen garden

Plant a kitchen garden and you’ll have a year-round supply of herbs and delicious veggies

Cooking with Herbs

I started growing my own herbs in old wine barrels about 2 years ago.  They are an inspiration to all our visitors.  The barrels overflow with rosemary, a variety of different mints, Vietnamese coriander, curry leaves, chives, basil, origanum, scented geranium and sage.  We plant the base of the spring onions with their tiny rootsContinue Reading

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