Money, Must Reads September 5, 2011

Be the minority that can afford to retire!

Retirement may be a long way off, but saving for it can’t start soon enough. We all want to retire in comfort and maintain our current lifestyle but due to insufficient planning and procrastination few people can afford to, and ...

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Money September 2, 2011

Sweet home buying

Know the basics about property buying to ease the stress of purchasing your first home. Robyn Daly unearthed some great tips. The first property I bought was a little apartment on the sixth floor of a block in Rondebosch. It was l...

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Money September 1, 2011

The art of buying art

Investing in art isn’t simply a matter of buying a pretty picture. Before you throw money away on a mere trinket, consider stern warnings and sound advice from Stefan Hundt, curator of the Sanlam Art Collection. By Robyn Daly. S...

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Money, Must Reads July 13, 2011

How to prioritise your financial needs

Life produces circumstances for which we all absolutely need financial provision. Some of these include education and retirement. Unfortunately not many people have sufficient money to cater for everything at once. So the only way...

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Money, Must Reads June 30, 2011

Five financial life stages of parents

Beat the financial stress of having children by being prepared. René Roux, head of Sanlam Liquid has some good tips...

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Money, Must Reads June 21, 2011

More tricky money terms explained

René Roux, head of Sanlam Liquid, translates some more commonly used personal finance terms and gives you some handy tips to use these to your financial benefit...

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Money, Must Reads June 9, 2011

Selling your home – tips to help

Consider what buyers are looking for in a home before you put the for sale sign up on yours...

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Money June 2, 2011

The dreaded lurgies – tackling dread disease cover

Words such as cancer, heart attack and stroke still strike fear into our hearts, partly because we’ve no idea what would happen if we did get these or any other critical diseases. The good news is we’ve a good chance of surviv...

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Money June 1, 2011

Rand sense – teach your children how to handle their own money

René Roux, mother of two and head of Sanlam Liquid, offers some guidance about the dos and don’ts of pocket money...

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Money, Must Reads May 27, 2011

Tricky money terms explained

If you are desperately keen to be financially-savvy but you find yourself deeply confused by the terms used by the financial services industry, you are by no means alone....

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